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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Repeat Offender: Cayetano Legacy

Happy Tuesday! In lieu of a Two-Way Tuesday post, I thought it was time to do another riveting edition of Repeat Offender. If you are new to the blog, occasionally I have to make fun of myself for abusing certain accessories or articles of clothing. The topic of today's discussion is my Cayetano Legacy Talese Necklace!

I first scored this piece back in June during a private viewing of the collection from my friend and Cayetano Legacy NY rep Jessica Dandria. I picked out several pieces and have totally abused all of them. The Talese in particular has been abused more than most. From NY, to GA all the way to Cali, this necklace has more sky miles than I do! Below are just a few of the 9 million times I have worn this necklace. 

Although the Talese is no longer available online, be sure to browse the new spring collection! Visit and you can score your own necklace to abuse! LOL!


<3 Parker S. 

With my friend Jessica Dandria of Cayetano Legacy 

My first ever Parker Style Remix of Karen Leano's look.

Outside of City Target in LA

Even my mom got in on the abuse of this necklace! lol! 

With buddy Wendy Derilus of Just Jewels 4 You

Sharing some Easter goodies with my friend Lindsey 
I dubbed this my Mary Tyler Moore Moment

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