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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


While in LA a couple of weeks ago, I found out about the most amazing product called Kix'ies. I have to be honest with you, when publicist Maile Cabral slipped me her card and told me to email her about trying the Kix'ies brand of thigh high stockings, I was a little skeptical. You see, Maile told me that Kix'ies had a size for almost everyone and they were guaranteed to stay up with out garters.

Don't get me wrong, garters are sexy to look at, but a real hassle to deal with. As a rule, the only hosiery I wear are the occasional pair of tights in the winter, so, the thought of getting an interesting texture on my legs without the hassle of shimmying into tights did peek my interest. I decided to take Maile up on the challenge and ordered a super sexy pair of polka dot Kix'ies.

I decided to rock my Kix'ies with my fave ASOS leather skater skirt with my Lavender's Jungle tulle underskirt and JCP colorblock blouse. I rounded out the look with my convertible Kate Spade Saturday bag and magenta Shoe Mint pumps. 

I am proud to report that my Kix'ies fit comfortably around my thighs and stayed up all day! I also felt pretty sexy knowing that I was wearing them, too. My Kix'ies are a size D and fit like a glove. I totally recommend giving them a try. Now through the end of the month, take $5 off your purchase using the code KIXIE-5. Happy Shopping!


<3 Parker S. 

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