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Monday, September 16, 2013

Brahmin Brigade

When you're preparing for battle, you must be sure to have the right line up with you, a brigade if you will. Now, I'm not literally going to war, but when the world is your runway, having the right accessories in your arsenal is key. I'm sure you have gathered from my musings, I am somewhat of an "everything fabulous" junky. However, after having worked more than 10 years for a popular handbag retailer, I am especially critical about my bags.

Of course I enjoy the occasional "budget brand" fashion bag, but when I make a sizable financial investment in a bag, I always take into account 4 main factors: construction, quality, distinguishing features and warranty. Now, let's insert American accessories house, Brahmin. This line first blipped on my fashion radar about 12 years ago when I started working for a competitor handbag retailer. Like any good salesperson, I had to learn all about my competition. After doing several "not so covert" missions to other retailers, I found that I could find no fault with Brahmin products other than the fact that they were the competition.

Because Brahmin bags cater to a more distinguished palate, their previous styles were a little too mature for my tastes so I never invested in one. However, in the fall of last year I absolutely fell in love with the Brahmin Anywhere Weekender. I was really amazed to see Brahmin had begun to incorporate more updated silhouettes and colors into their line. I think I was most surprised that I actually found something that I loved by them and had to have it. It definitely seemed Brahmin was taking a step in a more fashion forward direction.

Now let's fast forward to a few months ago. Brahmin completely jumped out of the box in the best possible direction with the introduction of their new Brahmin Atelier line. Needless to say, I LOVE EVERYTHING in the collection! Officially launching for S/S13, the best way I can describe this breathtaking collection of bags is Paris meets the Upper Eastside with a splash of So-Cal. The collection is completely different from the traditional Brahmin line, however it still has the same distinguished aesthetic. With bold hues and tantalizing textures of leather, the Brahmin Atelier line is a true fashionista's dream come true. With bags priced between $345 and $795 dollars, I consider the brand to be affordable luxury.

Now I know you might think I've gone crazy for making that last statement, but you have to take into consideration that all Brahmin bags are made of the highest quality materials and are handcrafted to perfection. When you're carrying a Brahmin, it's like walking around with a mini masterpiece.  Their bags rival many other well known brands in appearances, but when you get down to quality, construction and overall value, they are in a class that I can only put a few.

Check out some of the fabulous goodies I found when I popped into the Brahmin Boutique at Lenox Square the other day. I had a blast shopping with Melissa, and the rest of the team made my visit to their boutique exciting. I encourage you to check out or to visit your closest Brahmin retailer. Every girl needs at least one in their accessories arsenal!

See you on the front row!

<3 Parker S.

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Me & My fab Brahmin Expert Melissa

Brahmin Boutique @ Lenox Square

(Left to Right)  Chatham Satchel , Chatham Tote & Chatham Clutches

Brookline Satchel & Brookline Clutch

Hingham Large Satchel  <3<3<3 

Arden Satchel 


  1. Parker, you were a joy to work with. I am getting ready to start work at Jeffrey's, come see me if you need anything!-Melissa