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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Are you in???

Are you in? What an amazing open ended question that fits a variety of situations. Are you in control of your destiny? Are you in a fulfilling relationship? Are you in a promising career? This question can be asked hundreds, even thousands of different ways, but ultimately the original question is often the hardest to answer; are you in?

In her inaugural book, Nicole K. Garner, President & CEO of The Garner Circle broaches this question from a PR standpoint. Operating one of the most successful PR firms in in Atlanta, Nicole met many pitfalls and dead ends on her rise to success. In her book,  "Are you in? Inc, PR's Alter Ego", she gives her readers..."the book (she) wanted when (she) was twenty-two and jumping into the world of publicity..."

Full of anecdotal observations and no-nonsense advice, Nicole delivers a must read for those looking to get their feet wet in the every growing field of PR as well as offers a quick refresher for those who are already engrossed in the field. Although I'm not delving directly into that arena, it's always important to understand all facets of the machine that indirectly drives my industry of blogging. Nicole's book coupled with her Power Plug PR seminar gave me some great perspective on brand building, gaining a stronger presence on social media as well as what publicists find desirable when working with brands and bloggers. 

Nicole & I earlier this year at Google Atlanta for the kick of her Power Plug PR Conference

I recommend grabbing this book. It's a quick read that keeps you engaged until you finish it. I started reading this book at the airport and finished on a flight to NYC this summer. I was immediately able to start applying some of it's principles when I landed. You can order both the digital and printed versions from Amazon .  Happy Reading!


<3 Parker S. 

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