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Sunday, December 2, 2012

#hauteholidays @ Twelve 24 Boutique

Friday night I had an amazing time kicking off my "Haute for the Holidays" series at Twelve 24 Boutique. The focus of the evening was cocktail dresses and the fabulous ways to accessorize them. We had an amazing time checking out the latest pieces from local designer's Lavender's Jungle and Jibri, as well as some fabulous #stylesteals guaranteed to turn heads.

My good friend Cassandra Mason of Gem N Baubles mobile accessories boutique was on hand to lend her expertise in the accessories arena. She supplied fabulous designer inspired clutches and handbags that were a fraction of their designer retail price. In addition to being a style maven, she also is a culinary czar! She prepared homemade cranberry/pineapple sauce which was the essential element to my "Parker's Punch" signature cocktail.

Parker's Punch (Photo snagged from Nikka Shae)

Shalawn Willis, Cassandra Mason & Moi
As the evening progressed and the cocktails continued to flow, it was time to play dress up. Blogger buddies Tish Foster of Curvie Birdie & Nikka Shae of Oh!Nikka were good sports and let me treat them like a living  Barbie doll. Tish looked #haute in an adorable black peplum top, while Nikka was our diva for the evening in my fave Lavender's Jungle plum satin cocktail dress & #AMAZING Jibri Holiday Sweetie Dress in leopard sequin.

Tish Foster of Curvie Birdie

Nikka Shae in Lavender's Jungle 

Nikka Shae in Jibri

Makeup artist to the stars Shalawn Willis popped in and dropped off a fab Lamik Cosmetics give-a-way and my #BFF's Tia (If I Were a Brit Girl), Mari (Beyond Greatness Event Planning) & Lynn (LA Lynn's Accessories Shop)dropped in to support me and my #treatsfortroops project! I had such a great time playing hostess with the mostess and taking over one of my favorite boutiques. Thanks so much to Angela & Melanie of Twelve 24 Boutique for allowing me to share my #hauteholiday picks of the season!

Tia Lou 



Angela (Twelve 24 Boutique), Guest & Melanie (Twelve 24 Boutique)

Next up in the "Haute for the Holidays" series, I'm taking over Sol Oasis Nail Spa for a Polished and Pampered holiday event. Be sure to RSVP as soon as possible, you definitely don't want to miss it!

"Be Bold, Be Unique and Be Yourself, but most of all, Make the world your personal runway!"

See you on the front row-

Parker S. <3


  1. That spritzer...OMGeee! Love my earrings!!!

    1. :) Parker's Punch was the BOMB, lol! I'm so gland you came and enjoy your earrings! The look #haute on you, Tia!

  2. Yessss... Two thumbs up for the Parker Punch!!!! I want moreeee please; one more! (In my Kiwi voice) lol

    Enjoyed it...