Lane Bryant

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Parker Style Remix: Dorothy meets Parker

Happy Halloween!!! I normally don't dress up unless I'm attending a party, but today I couldn't resist. A couple of weeks ago I did a Thursday 3-Way post featuring my fabulous, custom,  blue and white plaid skirt. I usually wouldn't repeat such a bold piece so soon, but while looking at my skirt hanging in the closet, I was inspired to give Dorothy's look from The Wizard of Oz, a Parker Style Remix.

I have seen the "Dorothy" costume recreated several different ways. Almost all of them include a plaid jumper, red sparkly shoes and a wicker basket. I wanted to give "Dorothy"  a more updated, modern twist. My plaid skirt was the focal point of my look. To give it a "Modern Dorothy" spin, I opted for my Coach Signature sneakers with red, burlap ribbon for the laces and my Feed USA tote from Target adorned with the same ribbon. I wore a basic, white oxford shirt from Talbot's and decided to let my Indique Pure Wavy flow free with a red bow on top. 

By thinking outside of the box, I created a look that was inspired but very much my own. I hope you enjoyed my modern spin on an American classic. Until next time, Be bold, Be Unique, Be Adventurous, but most of all... Make the world your personal runway! 

See you on the front row-

<3 Parker S.