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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Last Outlaw: Review/Album Release Party

So, I know you’re probably thinking that I must be President of the Pastor Troy fan club, since this is the third post I have written about him in the last 2 months, but honestly, I am just showing my appreciation for the first artist to show me love. Whenever he has an event coming up, he is always kind enough to extend an invitation my way. As I have told you before, our meeting was completely by chance, and the vast difference between his boisterous public persona and his genteel southern demeanor totally fascinates me.  
Chance Meeting @ House of Adrene #SwapnistaDay
On Tuesday I had the opportunity to attend The Official Album Release Party for “The Last Outlaw” at 255 Tapas Lounge. The energy in the air was electric yet the atmosphere was laid back.  As always, PT was mixing and mingling and making sure all of his guests were taken care of. DJ Kerosene was spinning an eclectic mix of music, and everyone was feeling relaxed and having a great time. There was nothing pretentious about this event; it was just real people there in support of a great artist that deserves the same accolades and respect of the most well-known artists in the industry.
Outside 255 Tapas Lounge

DJ Kerosene

Inside 255 Tapas Lounge

It's rare that you find a rapper who is also a lyricist. When you have the ability to take your listeners on a journey with your music, as Pastor Troy does, you truly have a talent that's worth taking note of. Earlier on Tuesday, I downloaded my copy of The Last Outlaw. Because this will be Pastor's 24th album, I really didn't know what to expect. However, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the tone of this album was remarkably different.

My digital copy of "The Last Outlaw"

Pastor Troy & Guests enjoying the patio
New Artist Mesha Write featured on "Keep Shakin' Baby" (new artist spotlight coming soon)

Although there are still elements of  the classic PT that we all love as displayed in "Shut the Club Down", "That Chevy Thang" and "Turn It Up", he also allows us to experience his disappointments and frustrations in "I Thought About It, "When I Was F*cked Up", & "Everything That's On My Mind". In addition to being both crunk & thought provoking, the album also allows you to observe Pastor's continuous struggle to find the balance between his secular lifestyle and strong, religious foundation.  In  tracks, "The End Times" and "My Father Told Me", he proudly proclaims his love for God and his desire for retribution.

"The Last Outlaw" marks the dawn of a new era for the Pastor Troy brand, and I am excited to see this next chapter unfold. As I have told you before, this is the "Rebirth" of Pastor Troy.  This album shows a more self assured Pastor Troy that is not afraid to express the disdain that he feels for the lack of respect he has been shown over the years.  "The Last Outlaw" is about him stepping up to taking what rightfully his. I strongly recommend you download this album today and support a truly remarkable artist. The album can be purchased at Best Buy stores nationwide or can be downloaded from iTunes or Amazon.

See You On the Front Row!

<3 Parker S.


  1. I used to be a huge fan of his and then he sort of fell off the radar. Definitely going to check out his new album!

    1. Definitely check it out! It's only $7.99 on iTunes and $8.99 at Best Buy!

  2. Gurrrrl, I use to LOVE me some Pastor Troy!!!!!

    1. His music is still great and he's super nice. Check out his new album, you won't be disappointed.

  3. Can we just enjoy the mink fur leather jacket and pay no attention to any other things?