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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Confessions of a Bagaholic

"My name is Parker Simmons, and I am a Bagaholic." Every time I leave my home, I have no fewer than 3 bags. Being an on the go fashionista that lives 40+ minutes outside of the city, there is no doubling back if I forget something. Therefore, being prepared is key. I, of course have my handbag, full cosmetics bag, a bag for my shoes and clothes, and something for my accessories. This level of preparedness has left me in quite a quandary with regards to my bag situation. I look totally unorganized when I get to my office and this bevy of bags completely clutters my workspace.

Thankfully, my friend Heather Carmichael over at Thirty-One Bags, helped me to "see the light" and reform from my bagaholic ways. With the Large Utility Tote & an All-In-One Organizer, my bag situation has been totally streamlined and I look much more polished. She showed me how the Large Utility tote can be one giant bag or how I can use it to carry multiple bags. She keeps it in her trunk and carries all of her grocery bags in at one time, but mine has become my mobile closet, so to speak. I keep a variety of shoe choices (you never know when you might need a pair of cobalt blue, peep toe pumps :) ), my All-In-One Organizer which houses my cosmetics bag and any possible toiletry item I may need, my Joy Mangano Go Mini Steamer (fashionista must have item)  my accessories bag and a basic black dress & pair of black leggings (you should always keep a dress and a bottom in your car, you never know when you might need it).

In addition to being functional, my Thirty-One Bags are also very fashionable. You can choose from a variety of fun and exciting prints and also for an additional $7 you can get any words embroidered on your bags! I don't know about you, but I love seeing my name or initials on anything! Also, for my budget conscious divas, Thirty-One always has a special going on, and during the month of June with a $35 or more purchase, you can score my Large Utility Tote for only $10 bucks! How awesome is that!?!?!?

So, if you can relate to being a bagaholic or if you just love cute, embroidered items, then explore the wonderful world of Thirty-One Bags. My Consultant of Choice is Heather Carmichael and her website is as follows: . Happy Shopping!


<3 Parker S. 


  1. I need one of the bags to organize my shoes in my car!

  2. You should totally order one this month and take advantage of the special. I think I think I am going to get another one to leave in the trunk.