Lane Bryant

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Post Workout Hair

I've had an increase in emails about my hair lately, so today I decided to address some of the questions. As most of you know I am currently wearing Indique hair extensions. I have been wearing the same Pure Wavy hair since September and couldn't be more pleased. It has been reinstalled a few times and still looks just as good as it did when I received it. Of course in January, I started hitting the gym every day. Thankfully I do have a full sew in, so that's half the battle when it's time for me to go to work after a workout.

Because my Indique texture is Pure Wavy, I could wash and go and it would have a natural loose wave texture, however it has been too cold to go outside with a wet head. I typically shampoo my hair once a week for maintenance, but for daily wear I have to be able to get ready in 40 minutes or less. From my pictures you can tell that my hair is pretty fried after a workout. It's usually in a ratty ponytail and my bangs are stuck to my forehead.

Many of you have inquired as to if I go to the hairdresser everyday or if they have a salon at the gym? The answer is no. I wish I could afford the luxury of an on call hair stylist, but until such time, I do it myself. Here is a step by step look at my post workout hair transformation.

Start off with fried hair in a rat chewed pony and plastered to your sweaty forehead. 

Remove hair from ponytail and brush out

Lightly mist with Twisted Sista 30 second curl spray

Roll hair with Calista Tools rollers available at QVC, Ulta & Nordstrom

Shower with rollers in and apply your makeup or whatever you do. 

Unroll hair & flip your head upside down to finger comb

Now you are ready to start your day!!! 
The whole process from start to finish including the shower and makeup takes about 40 minutes. I can do it in 30 if necessary. I hope this has answered all of your questions and shows you that even if you have only a half hour to get ready, you too can be Front Row Fab!


Parker S.