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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beauty Byte: I'm Glossy

Recently I have been getting a lot of emails inquiring about my various makeup rituals. Just like my fashion, I am a high/low girl with my beauty products. Meaning, if you were to search my makeup bag you would find high end makeup like Armani Cosmetics as well as budget beauty brands like Wet n' Wild. I'm sure you've already guessed from looking at the title, but this post will talk about lip gloss. I am going to break it up in to 3 sections: What I'm Wearing, Tried & Loved and Can't Wait to Get My Hands on it. So, here we go...

What I'm Wearing

If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember me telling you a few weeks ago about a capsule collection of glosses by Bite Beauty called the 15 Shades of Sephora. When I saw this collection I immediately had to have it. Each shade represents an iconic year of color from 1999-2013 in celebration of Sephora's 15th Birthday in the US. I absolutely love these glosses because the variety of colors is amazing. If you've never tried Bite Beauty, it's a great way for you to fall in love with their glosses. The best thing about Bite Beauty glosses is that they have a slightly fruity taste which is good enough to eat. 

Tried & Loved

Last week while I was in Chicago, I popped over to The Awesome Party hosted by Yappem. Besides this party being located at iconic Navy Pier and being a truly awesome party with gourmet goodies and designer raffles, they also had an amazing beauty bar set up. Because I am a self-professed lip gloss junky, I immediately went over to the lip station sponsored by Morgan Marie Beauty. Morgan Marie Beauty is named in honor of it's founders Morgan Byrne & Marie Neri. 

Both ladies are veteran makeup artists and believe in "inspiring confidence in each of their clients and celebrating their individuality". That night I wanted to try something different. They chose the Marilyn lipstick & Gina lip gloss. All I can say is WOW! The colors were so bold and vibrant and they stayed put for the rest of the night. When I got back to my hotel much later that evening, my lips looked just like like they did at the party. As a matter of fact the next morning, my lips still had a slight tint. More of these fab lipsticks and glosses are definitely on my list. 

Can't Wait to Get my Hands on It

A couple of weeks ago while in NYC covering the Paul Wilmot Holiday '13/Resort '14 Press Preview,  I saw a new product from Bite Beauty that immediately had me intrigued. Cashmere Lip Cream is a new cream-to-powder matte lip color that will be released early fall exclusively at Sephora &

Boasting 6 color packed shades, Cashmere Lip Cream is truly revolutionary. It goes on smooth and creamy thanks to it's advance formulation of butters, waxes and oils, but quickly absorbs to create a super pigmented, powder-lite matte finish. It is long wearing and boasts not only the highest pigment dispersion of any lip gloss, but it also is packed with 5mg of Reservatrol which is full of antioxidants and fights free radicals that causes aging around the lip line. Great lip color now and wrinkle protection for later, what could be better than that? Stay tuned for this one guys. As soon as it's available, I'll be sure to let you know.

So, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed the "Glossy" Beauty Byte segment. The next beauty ritual I will be discussing is mascara, so stay tuned! Until next time, stay glossy!
See you on the front row!
<3 Parker S. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

I'll be right back....

Hey fashionsita's! Sorry for the lack of posts, but I am just getting back from BlogHer 2013 in Chicago. Stay tuned for a full update for of everything I did and saw while I was there! See you soon!


Parker :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday Three-Way

Get your mind out of the gutter, I'm not talking about that kind three-way. Remember how I did a #ParkerStyle Remix on my friend Karen's look? Well, looks like this look has gone viral. I have received so many emails about how people wanted to recreate our looks, with their on special spin. So in lieu of a Two-Way Tuesday post this week, I am giving you the Thursday Three-Way. Hope you enjoy how my friend Georgette of Grown and Curvy Woman remixed our look! Three different women, Three different looks. How will you remix things?


<3 Parker S.

PS- Follow my adventures in Chicago this week on Instagram @everydayrunway!

The Original Look

My take on things

Macy's Shirt & Talbot's Pants complete Georgette's look. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Repeat Offender

Every now and then I have to make fun of myself. I get so attached to certain clothing items or accessories, and I can't get enough of wearing them. This would be all fine well and good if the majority of my life wasn't documented in photos. Being a "Repeat Offender" is typically a "fashion faux pas" but I march to the beat of my own drummer.

My latest obsession is my Alter Ego Clutch from Twelve 24 Boutique. This bag is great on so many levels. It's all leather, studded facade has added an interesting twist to a variety of my outfits and it has cleverly camouflaged my LHF (low hanging fat) lol! So, enjoy this pictorial showing of me and the many looks my Alter Ego Clutch has enhanced.


<3 Parker S.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

#ParkerStyle Remix

Hey guys! How was your weekend? I had a great time doing what I love at Twelve 24 Boutique. As their in house Stylist, I had a blast yesterday when the Chic Boutique Tour stopped by. Because I was going to be on my feet most of the day, I wanted to wear something comfortable but still look put together. Because half of my current wardrobe was either dirty or in a suitcase from my weeks of traveling, I decided to pull something from the archives.

A couple of weeks ago my girl Karen Leano, COO of Cayetano Legacy, posted her #OOTD on Instagram. When I saw it I was totally blown away. She paired a rolled up chambray shirt with a citron yellow bandage skirt and of course accessorized it with a Cayetano Legacy necklace. She rounded out her look with funky, leopard flats.

Karen Leano

Karen's #ootd

With that look in mind, I decided to perform a #ParkerStyle remix on her look. I pulled out a vintage INC bandage dress from Macy's that I haven't worn since last summer. Ironically, I paired this dress last year with a Cayetano Legacy necklace. This time, I topped the dress with my trusty sleeveless JCP denim shirt (similar style here) and the yellow Talese Cayetano Legacy. By topping the dress it created the illusion of a skirt like Karen's. Since I was going to be on my feet all day, I decided to wear my black, spiked sneakers from Target. To step it up a notch, I also added a red, studded Alter Ego Clutch from Twelve 24 Boutique.

Original Styling of the dress. 

Photos by ARH Photography

So, what do you think of my #ParkerStyle Remix? I know it's a little unconventional, but I love the spin I put on Karen's look. Although the core elements are similar, we have two entirely different looks. Our looks may not suit every one's tastes, but I have put together a style blueprint so you can adapt this look to fit your lifestyle. 

#ParkerStyle Remix #1

#ParkerStyle Remix #1 by everydayrunway 

I hope this inspires you to be adventurous and try your own style remix. Whether you choose a look from a magazine or from a friend, put your own spin on things. You'll be surprised how easy it is to recreate looks from old items in your closet. It's a great way to save money and revamp your wardrobe. As always, "Make the world your personal runway!"

See you on the front row!

<3 Parker S. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

What's Your BlogHer Style?

It's crunch time! BlogHer is right around the corner and the question that keeps rolling around in my head is, "What am I going to wear?" As a fashion/style blogger, I am always conscious of how I'm dressed. I mean seriously, my blog is called Everyday Runway, I have to look the part, right?!?! I often experience a little anxiety of the unknown when the dress code lines are blurred, but ultimately I think I have created a style map that is both appropriate for the setting and true to my brand. Hallelujah! Now that I have my wardrobe mostly in check, I have decided to share a style blueprint for those of you who may be struggling with your ensembles.

During my stint working retail with a high end accessories brand, I was taught that women typically fall into one of three different style categories; Conservative, Classic or Contemporary. I like to call it the "3 C's of Style." Of course, because we are women, it's never that cut and dry, but for the most part we are dominantly one type with a pinch of the others. I think I am a style anomaly because I am equal parts of all 3, depending on how I'm feeling that day. However, for the sake of this post, I will breakdown the 3 categories and show you different looks in each one that are sure to have you ready for your closeup on Viewfinder Day.

First up is Conservative. When I think of a brand that embodies the word, I immediately am drawn to Talbot's. The conservative woman is the epitome of polished perfection. Her look is one that is timeless and items in her wardrobe can be worn for many years, as the style pretty much stays the same with the exception of colors changing based on that particular year's forecast. She often avoids trends and favors more traditional pieces.


Conservative by everydayrunway featuring Talbot's

Next up is Classic. The classic woman really is the best of both worlds. While she favors some of the traditional styling of her conservative predecessor, she also likes to safely incorporate some of the trendiness of her contemporary sister. She's prim & proper with a little bit of an edge, like the fashions you find at J. Crew. Like her conservative sister, she favors more traditional silhouettes, but she steps out of the box and experiments with vibrant colors, playful prints and bold accessories. 


Classic by everydayrunway featuring J. Crew

Finally, the wild child of the style trifecta, Contemporary. With the contemporary woman, pretty much anything goes. She is not afraid to express herself with her fashion. Think Blake Lively meets Rhianna and everything in between. If she dabbles in the trends of her other style sisters, she does it in an unexpected way. Instead of a traditional black suit jacket, she may opt for a leather blazer. Nothing is off limits, she is bold, sexy and loves to be seen. If I had to pigeon hole her into a store, it would be ASOS because her style meter is off the charts! 


Contemporary by everydayrunway featuring ASOS

Now that you know the "3 C's of Style", What's your BlogHer Style? No matter what you decide to wear, embrace it and rock it with confidence. Like super model Iman says, "Your life is an occasion, rise to it." 

See you on the front row-

<3 Parker S. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Two-Way Tuesday: ASOS Curve

"Hello, My name is Parker and I am an ASOS-aholic. I have been battling this addiction for the last 3 years and fortunately, I am only 1 week sober." Ok, so I know that was a little melodramatic, but it rings pretty true. I mean seriously, how could you not be addicted to getting fashion forward clothing direct from the UK in 2 days???  Don't get me wrong, I am an equal opportunity shopper, but ASOS is def in my top 10 favorite stores/brands and the subject of this two-way Tuesday post.

A couple of months ago, while covering the Atlanta's Next Best Finale, I donned a #StyleSteal that I scored from ASOS. Originally I styled my Red Swing Dress with a fabulous necklace (no longer available) and oversized clutch (1 is still available) that I scored from brand partners Twelve 24 Boutique I finished off the look by wearing my silver spiked Shoe Mint pumps.

Now for the switch... So, a couple of weeks ago I was feeling a little rocker, edgy chic!  Since it was a little cool this particular Saturday, I decided to shake things up. I decided to top my swing dress with my faux leather Forever 21 studded vest. I also added a chunky silver chain that I scored at Nordstrom a few years ago and finished things off with my spiked sneakers from Target. I know it's a shock to some of you guys, but I do actually have a couple of pair of sneaks in my repertoire! Granted they are more fashionable than functional, but whose keeping score?


I hope you liked my spin on things and this inspired you to shake things up in your wardrobe a little.

See you on the front row!

<3 Parker S. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

***Fashion Flash***

Cayetano Legacy is seeing stripes for a second time!! Join the ladies of Cayetano Legacy July 15th-17th for another amazing trunk show at the Henri Bendel Flagship store on iconic 5th Ave in NYC! Browse new and retired pieces! For more info on the collection visit !

Make the world your personal runway!


<3 Parker S.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

#FFFWEEK Final Thoughts

The past few weeks have been absolutely amazing. If you have been following me on social media, you see I have been a very busy girl. With that being said, I wanted to wrap up #FFFWeek so I can catch you up with what's been going on.

#FFFWeek was like the reset button on my year. Prior to my attendance, I had been in sort of a blogging rut. I couldn't find my voice and I was honestly a little lost. Over the past few months, I had been so busy focusing on other people that I completely lost sight of myself, and what I was about. #FFFWeek was just the surge of energy I needed to get back on track.

Although I was unable to stay the entire week, the time that I was there was amazing. Everything wasn't perfect, but we all experience growing pains on the journey to greatness. I can honestly say that this year was better than last and I know that things will only continue to progress in a positive direction. I had such an amazing time attending the various events, and finally meeting some of my blogger icons, old buddies and new friends.

Aussie Blogger & Model @curvysam

 NYC Blogger @tinyredshoes

Aussie Blogger & Online Boutique Owner @ohscorpio

Aussie Blogger @danimezza

Being around a group of positive, like-minded women was so inspiring for me. I got some great advice on ways to improve my blog as well as observe what makes the other ladies so amazing at what they do. I was able to be myself and rediscover what made my blog great to begin with. The highlight of my visit was definitely attending the Lane Bryant Blogger Conference.

I was so honored to be chosen to attend as well as be privy to the newest and hottest trends Lane Bryant will be releasing later on this season. I was also interviewed by the #fab Marcy Guerva of The Marcy Minute and scored some amazing swag just for being in attendance.

TV Personality @marcyguerva 

I also enjoyed cutting up with blogger buddy Georgette of Grown & Curvy Woman at the Bloomingdale's fashion show and meeting some new blogger besties from The Dollillama! After the show, Georgette & I had one last hurrah with our fave #AussieCurves blogger Olivia  of Wait Until Sunset and partied until the wee hours in the morning sipping Veev #vitafrute cocktails!

Blogger Buddy @grownandcurvywoman

One half of blogging duo @the_dollillama

@grownandcurvywoman @waituntilsusnest & me with my fave @veev #vitafrute cocktail

This year at #FFFWeek I showed everyone who I was, and what I had to offer. I hopefully made a positive, lasting impression and will continue to nurture the relationships that I garnered while in attendance. If you are a curvy girl, I recommend you at least attend #FFFWeek once to gather your own opinions and chart your own experiences. It is an amazing platform to make an impression as well as learn some valuable lessons.

I would like to give a special thanks to Gwen Devoe for being the visionary behind Full Figured Fashion Week as well as to the teams at Sonsi & Lane Bryant for being so amazing and generous. I hope you enjoyed my coverage of the #FFFWeek events! For the latest on what I'm up to, follow me on Instagram @everydayrunway! Until next time...

"Make the world your personal runway and I'll see you on the front row!"

<3 Parker S.

#FFFWeek Creator Gwen Devoe