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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Enjeanious...The one that got away

Have you ever had that moment when you see something so spectacular that you can't tear your eyes away from it? That one thing is so amazing that it consumes every fiber of your being until you can hold it in your hands? I had that kind of moment last Saturday at the Beach Bling Fashion Show. When the first set of models hit the runway, there it was, like a light house guiding a lonely ship home, one of the most glorious and majestic necklaces I had ever seen. This was not just any necklace, but more like beautifully hand-crafted neck adornment fit for a queen, like myself ;-).

By this point I am totally obsessed with this magical piece of jewelry. I was like a lion on the prowl hunting down it's prey...I couldn't stop, I didn't stop until I found the mystical piece that taunted me all night. After moving at break neck speed from my front row perch, I headed straight to the vendor area to find my necklace.

After fighting through the maze of meandering people, I SAW THE LIGHT! There it was in all of it's majestic glory, the necklace of all necklaces. This wonderful piece was the work of non other than the world renowned Rean "Enjeanious" Fisher. Previously known for her eclectic handbag designs, Rean has forever solidified her place in the fashion industry as a bona-fide jewelry designer. The self proclaimed "Artist of Adornment" has graced the pages of several major magazines as well as been featured at New York Fashion Week. With all of these tremendous accolades, one would think she would be totally unapproachable, but she was the exact opposite.

She personally adorned me with the object of my affection. At that exact moment, I felt complete, and then she quoted the me the price and my world shattered into a million pieces. As we all know, fashion ain't free, so for now, my elusive neck adornment will hopefully wait for me or it will forever be the one that got away...

"Make the world your personal runway!"

<3 Parker S.

***Fashion Flash***

During the month of April, lia sophia is offering 25 ppl the opportunity to WIN THEIR WISH LIST up to $1000! If you are in the U.S. or Canada click on the photo above and start wishing. If you are one of the lucky winners, you will be contacted via phone or email to confirm your choices and sizes!
Happy Wishing!!
<3 Parker S.

Shecky's Girls Night Out

Tonight I had the opportunity to attend Shecky's Girls Night Out. I found out about this event 6 years ago by chance. Shecky's is a twice a year girls night out event that happens in multiple cities all over the country. It's a chance for girlfriends to get together and have fun! From unlimited cocktails and wine courtesy of it's sponsors to free mani's and mini makeovers, Shecky's is the Ultimate Girls Night Out. Another draw for this fab night out is the "coveted "goodie bag. 6 years ago, the bags were stuffed to the brink with full size samples of products ranging from teeth whitener, body splash, make up and more. This time, however, the bag left little to be desired. Besides that minor hick up, I had a wonderful time and scored some awesome new beauty products that I will share with you in a later post. If you want to attend Girls Night Out, you have one last chance to do so tomorrow at the Biltmore Hotel here in Atlanta, or you will have to wait until the fall for it's return. For ticket info visit!

"Make the world your personal runway!"

<3 Parker S.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sharing the love of jewelry...

I'm sure you have noticed by now that in almost every outfit post I am prominatnly wearing lia sophia jewelry. That is not by chance. In addition to being a FABULOUS FASHION BLOGGER ;-) , I am also a lia sophia advisor. After ending a 10 year career in retail last summer, I yearned for a way to keep myself connected to the industry, but not have all of my time monopolized. A friend of mine, had been selling lia sophia for about 4 years. My mom and I had hosted shows before and I had purchased the pieces, but I never thought of selling it. Honestly I thought, it was going to be another pyramid scheme where you end up spending more money on inventory than making money. Also, I didn't want my success level to be dependent upon how many people I signed up.

After speaking with my friend and truly finding out about the business, I immediately knew it was for me. At the time I began my lia sophia business, it cost $124 plus tax and shipping. That was the best money I have ever spent in my entire life. With that I received $1000 dollars worth of jewelry and everything I needed to get started. Although I enjoy making money doing something I love, I mainly love interacting and sharing my love of jewelry with ladies in their homes and online. If you are looking for away to interact with other people or just to build your confidence, then lia sophia may be for you. For more information or to order jewelry visit my website:

See you on the front row...

Parker S. <3
Ransom Cuff/Curio Necklace
Elena Stretch Bracelet/Rock Crystal Hematite Necklace
Sweet Spot, Rue & Swiss Dots Stretch Bracelets/Laguna Necklace
For You, by Debbie Bangles/Mirage Necklace

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Big Girlz Inc...

Curvy girls, get ready for summer! Last night I had the opportunity to see fabulous fatshionita's working their dangerous curves on the runway for Big Girlz Inc. at the Summer 2012 Beach Bling fashion show. Wendy Striggles, Designer and Owner of BGI, put on a show that I will never forget. The upbeat tempo, coupled with the fierce full figured models were the perfect platform for her summer collection. From bold prints to vibrant solids, the BGI Spring and Summer Collection was elegantly executed. I love the way Wendy had something for everyone. The way she played with silhouettes and hemlines, left everyone wanting more and completely captivated the audience. The collection exuded the regalness of an ancient Egyptian Queen, meeting the effortless sophistication of a modern day woman. I was completely blown away and I can't wait to snag several pieces from the collection. Check out some of my faves from the show and while you're at it, "LIKE" BGI on Facebook...

"Make the world your personal runway!"

-Parker S. <3

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flower Power

Today I was feeling exceptionally "springy". Maybe it's the 5 straight days of sunshine and 80 degree weather, or maybe I just inhaled too much pollen in the air, but whatever the reason I wanted to add a touch of floral to my look. Typically I would stay away from a floral print anything, but it's seemingly all the rage right now. While I was at J.C. Penney yesterday to pick up a pair of cobalt blue jeans I had been spying, I stumbled upon a STYLE STEAL! Now, I must admit, my floral A.N.A. blouse didn't look like much on the hanger, but the print was so intriguing. Earlier that day I just received the Purple Bandage Skirt (only black & red available) I was wearing from and prior to going to Penney's, I scored my FAB turquoise sandals & clutch (not available online) from Target. When I got home I raided my closet and added some gorgeous new lia sophia jewelry , and finally pulled everything together with non other than an eloquii orange skinny belt! I'm so glad I took a chance on a random floral print top!

See you on the front row!

<3 Parker S.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Style Star

Some women think that getting older is the kiss of death. They think that once they turn 30,40, 50, or 60 that it's the end of the world and that they are doomed to a life of fugly, matronly clothes and bland, pancake makeup. However, I disagree! When I turned 30 last summer, it was challenging for me to find the balance of what clothes are age appropriate. Now 30 isn't old, but I definitely can't dress the way I did in my early 20's. Finding the balance for me was being able to tone down the overtly sexy and embrace the grown and sexy.

As I encounter women in my everyday life, whether it's at work, the grocery store or nail salon, I see an overwhelming amount of women that are comfortable in being ordinary. I  think that we as women become so wrapped up in life,  that we forget to live. We forget about the women we used to be and instantly morph into an unkempt, matronly version of our former selves. Because we get older, doesn't mean we have to dress like our grandmothers. We should embrace our age and dress in away that accentuates our bodies and our personalities. With that being said, I want to introduce a new weekly feature called Style Star.

A Style Star is a person who embodies self confidence, an impeccable eye for fashion and an overall exuberance for life in their look and in their way of thinking. The Style Star for this week is my mother Katie Harris. As a fabulous FIFTY-NINE year old business owner (shameless plug ), she has a zest for life, love and fashion. Although she is almost 60, she pushes the envelope and bucks back at the way society says she should look. Whenever she leaves her home she is always well put together, and from her hair and make up, to the way she dresses, she embodies everything that a style star should be. Today she is sunny in a fabulous crochet dress and floral peep toe pumps from Stein Mart, necklace, bracelet and ring by lia sophia, and watch by DKNY.
Each week, I will choose one of my readers to be featured as a Style Star. Simply submit a photo in your favorite outfit and a brief explanation of your inspiration to and you could be the next Style Star!

"Make the world your personal runway!"


Parker S. <3

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Orange Crush

As you can see from my last post, I am all about color this season. I have recently become obsessed with colored blazers. I have been picking them up from Eloquii, Forever21+ and most recently and surprisingly J.C. Penney! While popping into Sephora at J.C. Penney to pick up some new lip gloss, a FABULOUS orange blazer caught my eye. I could not believe this effortlessly chic, fashion forward blazer was in J.C. Penney. Ladies and gents, this is not your grandmothers J.C. Penney. The Worthington Collection which is who my blazer is by, is made for the modern working woman. In addition to Worthington, there are a host of other brands, which I will elaborate about in a future post, that are absolutely amazing. As I said, you can score my Cyber Orange Worthington Collarless Twill Jacket at J.C. Penney this month for $40, Purple Dress (sorry it photographed blue) is a $12.99 Style Steal from Ross, Green Patent Skinny belt from Eloquii, Coral Blake Pumps from Sole Society (click the link to join), Watch Michael Kors, Ring and Bracelets Lia Sophia, earrings Stella & Dot, and my bag is Fall and Winter 2011 Chico's. Don't be afraid to experiment with color. Try to incorporate a wow piece in your look. Until next time...

"Make the world your personal runway"

Parker S. <3

Monday, March 19, 2012

A pop of color...

Hey Guys-

Sorry for the radio silence. I have been having a bit of writers block lately. Fortunately the sunny weather here in the ATL has been very inspiring. I had a really good weekend going shopping in my closet. Being a shopaholic, I sometimes forget about some of the great basic pieces I have and how easily they will coordinate with something new. Whenever you want to update your look, add a bright, new tank under your old blazer and pair it with a skirt and a fabulous pair of shoes. Now I can't lie,both the blazer and the tank are new, but the skirt, shoes, bag and necklace are "vintage". My blazer is by Eloquii , which by the way is $50 dollars off (use the code SPRINGAHEAD), tank is a $5.49 clearance steal from Ross, and although I got the skirt last summer from  Forever21, you can still pick it up in a few colors this year at the Style Steal price of $9.80.  My bag is Fall/Winter 2011 from Ann Taylor, necklace is 4 years ago Lia Sophia Red Carpet Collection, and shoes are 5 years ago Nine West. As you can see, old mixes very well with new and all it takes is a little imagination and a big Pop of Color! 

See you on the front row!

<3 Parker S.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Cold Snap!

I guess Mother Nature must be punishing me for enjoying the unseasonably warm weather too much. I was in full spring clothing mode when I woke up to 30 degree weather this morning. Well, when God gives you lemons, make lemonade or an ultra cute outfit incorporating the best of both seasons!

A staple in every girls wardrobe should be black tights and a fitted black turtleneck. They are the perfect pieces to pair with many of your spring and summer skirts and dresses to help you through these awkward weather transitions! Below check out my look. I have paired old and new pieces. My skirt is from the K-Mart LYS (love your style) Collection, Jacket is vintage Chico's, tights are Just My Size from Walgreen's, turtleneck Old Navy, and shoes Missoni for Target. My necklaces are the Lia Sophia Family Tree Necklace $48  and the Stella & Dot Lenoa Necklace $98

See you on the front row!

-Parker S.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fun Night Out!

Last night I had the opportunity to let my hair down. One of my oldest friends celebrated his birthday and I got to hang out with friends I haven't seen in years. I had the time of my life and it really made me realize no matter how years pass us by, true friends are forever. Cherish your relationships and never forget the people that know you best and that help shape who you are.

See you on the front row...

Parker S.

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Cure to the Winter Blues

Spring Jeans

The past couple of days here in Atlanta have been amazing! Spring like temperatures and bright sunny days, have been the perfect opportunity for me to start embracing one of my favorite spring trends…colored denim. Now of course colored denim regained popularity this past fall and winter, but spring will showcase a new variety.

From red, to cobalt blue, to pastels and everything in between, there is a pair of colored jeans for everyone. I personally have red, cobalt blue and green, so far. Below are some of my favorite brands, and because I’m curvy, there is something there for my full fashionista’s.  Before you grab a boring pair of blue jeans from your closet, set your sights on something a little brighter!

"Make the world your personal runway!"

<3 Parker S.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Welcome to Everyday Runway! My name is Parker Simmons and I am so glad you stopped by! Most of you know me as the Fashion Editor of Fahrenheit 24/7 , a fabulous digital magazine owned by my long time friend Vernon Logan, however, I am also, a writer, stylist, event planner... a regular Jill of All Trades! I have a passion for all things fashion and beauty, and I hope that you find Everyday Runway both entertaining and educational! With all that being said, I hope to offer you some sort of post daily. Whether it's a full article about some of my favorite things or an outfit post, your feedback is critical to me. I would love for you to email me topics you would like for me to discuss and let me know how you feel about what I am writing! My goal is to empower you to embrace your passions and follow your dreams. Life is too short to be unhappy, so "Make the world your personal runway!"

See you on the front row-

Parker S. :-)