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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Enjeanious...The one that got away

Have you ever had that moment when you see something so spectacular that you can't tear your eyes away from it? That one thing is so amazing that it consumes every fiber of your being until you can hold it in your hands? I had that kind of moment last Saturday at the Beach Bling Fashion Show. When the first set of models hit the runway, there it was, like a light house guiding a lonely ship home, one of the most glorious and majestic necklaces I had ever seen. This was not just any necklace, but more like beautifully hand-crafted neck adornment fit for a queen, like myself ;-).

By this point I am totally obsessed with this magical piece of jewelry. I was like a lion on the prowl hunting down it's prey...I couldn't stop, I didn't stop until I found the mystical piece that taunted me all night. After moving at break neck speed from my front row perch, I headed straight to the vendor area to find my necklace.

After fighting through the maze of meandering people, I SAW THE LIGHT! There it was in all of it's majestic glory, the necklace of all necklaces. This wonderful piece was the work of non other than the world renowned Rean "Enjeanious" Fisher. Previously known for her eclectic handbag designs, Rean has forever solidified her place in the fashion industry as a bona-fide jewelry designer. The self proclaimed "Artist of Adornment" has graced the pages of several major magazines as well as been featured at New York Fashion Week. With all of these tremendous accolades, one would think she would be totally unapproachable, but she was the exact opposite.

She personally adorned me with the object of my affection. At that exact moment, I felt complete, and then she quoted the me the price and my world shattered into a million pieces. As we all know, fashion ain't free, so for now, my elusive neck adornment will hopefully wait for me or it will forever be the one that got away...

"Make the world your personal runway!"

<3 Parker S.

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