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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Style Star

Some women think that getting older is the kiss of death. They think that once they turn 30,40, 50, or 60 that it's the end of the world and that they are doomed to a life of fugly, matronly clothes and bland, pancake makeup. However, I disagree! When I turned 30 last summer, it was challenging for me to find the balance of what clothes are age appropriate. Now 30 isn't old, but I definitely can't dress the way I did in my early 20's. Finding the balance for me was being able to tone down the overtly sexy and embrace the grown and sexy.

As I encounter women in my everyday life, whether it's at work, the grocery store or nail salon, I see an overwhelming amount of women that are comfortable in being ordinary. I  think that we as women become so wrapped up in life,  that we forget to live. We forget about the women we used to be and instantly morph into an unkempt, matronly version of our former selves. Because we get older, doesn't mean we have to dress like our grandmothers. We should embrace our age and dress in away that accentuates our bodies and our personalities. With that being said, I want to introduce a new weekly feature called Style Star.

A Style Star is a person who embodies self confidence, an impeccable eye for fashion and an overall exuberance for life in their look and in their way of thinking. The Style Star for this week is my mother Katie Harris. As a fabulous FIFTY-NINE year old business owner (shameless plug ), she has a zest for life, love and fashion. Although she is almost 60, she pushes the envelope and bucks back at the way society says she should look. Whenever she leaves her home she is always well put together, and from her hair and make up, to the way she dresses, she embodies everything that a style star should be. Today she is sunny in a fabulous crochet dress and floral peep toe pumps from Stein Mart, necklace, bracelet and ring by lia sophia, and watch by DKNY.
Each week, I will choose one of my readers to be featured as a Style Star. Simply submit a photo in your favorite outfit and a brief explanation of your inspiration to and you could be the next Style Star!

"Make the world your personal runway!"


Parker S. <3

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