Lane Bryant

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rocking My Thiqness

A couple of  weeks ago I received my first styling challenge from the Thiq Boutique. As many of you know I was recently appointed as one of their Brand Ambassadors. I must honestly tell you, I was a little anxious before I opened the package. A couple of my other Thiq Sisters had received theirs, and were saying how opposite the look was from their regular style. When I finally mustered up enough strength to open the envelope, I was pleasantly surprised!

My look was AMAZING; a vibrant purple one shoulder tunic with a bold turquoise trim. Because the tunic looked a little long, I thought I could wear it as a dress, but as soon as I put it on and saw that the one of the side slits came up to my hip, I immediately dismissed that idea. Initially I thought that styling with this piece would be a breeze, but it really did become a true challenge. There were too many possibilities.

My first styling concept was "Modern Geisha". While exploring this idea, I thought I would incorporate a color-rich, Asian printed obi belt, an amazing pair of Geta (Japanese wooden sandals) and some slim white pants. I'm sure the look would have been OK, but  as all of my friends know, I do tend to go over the top sometimes. Therefore, I decided K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid!). I took  a more abstract approach and created the look "Color Craze". To further enhance the vibrancy of the tunic, I opted for my bright orange bandage skirt and neon accessories!

I hope you enjoy the look!


Parker S.