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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gems N Baubles...

There is nothing that I love more than standing out in the crowd. While attending #FFFweek2012, I ran into one of my FAVE accessories vendors from Atlanta, Gems N Baubles! Cassandra Mason, owner had a FAB set up at the Skorch TV launch party. Many of you may remember Cassandra from my "Wonderful World of Wole" post, where I actually met her while attending a fashion show. I had browsed her pieces online before, but had never been able to experience them in real life.

Skorch TV Personality-Lola Darling, Me, & Gems N Bauble Owner-Cassandra 

As I approached the table, the most amazing citron yellow bag caught my eye. It's vintage, lady-like style had my head spinning with possibilities. Once I saw the bag, I went into full on stalker mode. I had to have it.Unfortunately my dreams were shattered because Cassandra informed me that she intended to keep the bag for herself. I was devastated. I needed this bag. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the final, critical component to complete my mod ASOS mini dress that I was wearing to the fashion show the following evening. 

After begging and pleading and basically offering everything but my soul for this bag, she finally conceded and agreed to sell it to me.  Because we were staying in the same hotel, Cassandra delivered the bag to me the following morning after the party. During this early morning rendezvous we were able to sit, chat and become more acquainted with one another other. I found out that Cassandra's flair for the unique and her strong entrepreneurial spirit derived from her mother, who was a former beauty salon owner. It's this unwavering spirit that makes Gems N Baubles so different from it's competitors. 

At Full Figure Fashion Week

With Gems N Baubles, you get a personalized shopping experience that is both exceptional and unparalleled.  Because it is a mobile business, Cassandra can set up a personal, private viewing or host an event for you and your friends. She also rarely orders more than 2 of the same item in a particular color to keep the integrity of your look semi exclusive. Her keen eye for the unique keeps her on the constant search for new, distinguished pieces and helps her to develop exclusive partnerships with designers to bring one of a kind,  hand-crafted items to  her clients.  

Since dawning my little yellow bag at Full Figured Fashion Week, I have also hit the red carpet with it at the Lia Sophia Gala Noir in Milwaukee (yes, I am a repeat offender and wore the same look twice :) Don't judge me), and most recently on the Chic Boutique Tour. I loved the bag so much that I also bought in in 3 other colors that I will showcase through out the season. You never no, I just may do a give-a-way, so stay tuned! 

For more info about Gems N Baubles, please visit

"Make the world your personal runway!"


<3 Parker S. 

On the red carpet at the Lia Sophia Gala Noir

On the Chic Boutique Tour

My fave little bag in black at #Shimmer440 event

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