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Saturday, July 20, 2013

What's Your BlogHer Style?

It's crunch time! BlogHer is right around the corner and the question that keeps rolling around in my head is, "What am I going to wear?" As a fashion/style blogger, I am always conscious of how I'm dressed. I mean seriously, my blog is called Everyday Runway, I have to look the part, right?!?! I often experience a little anxiety of the unknown when the dress code lines are blurred, but ultimately I think I have created a style map that is both appropriate for the setting and true to my brand. Hallelujah! Now that I have my wardrobe mostly in check, I have decided to share a style blueprint for those of you who may be struggling with your ensembles.

During my stint working retail with a high end accessories brand, I was taught that women typically fall into one of three different style categories; Conservative, Classic or Contemporary. I like to call it the "3 C's of Style." Of course, because we are women, it's never that cut and dry, but for the most part we are dominantly one type with a pinch of the others. I think I am a style anomaly because I am equal parts of all 3, depending on how I'm feeling that day. However, for the sake of this post, I will breakdown the 3 categories and show you different looks in each one that are sure to have you ready for your closeup on Viewfinder Day.

First up is Conservative. When I think of a brand that embodies the word, I immediately am drawn to Talbot's. The conservative woman is the epitome of polished perfection. Her look is one that is timeless and items in her wardrobe can be worn for many years, as the style pretty much stays the same with the exception of colors changing based on that particular year's forecast. She often avoids trends and favors more traditional pieces.


Conservative by everydayrunway featuring Talbot's

Next up is Classic. The classic woman really is the best of both worlds. While she favors some of the traditional styling of her conservative predecessor, she also likes to safely incorporate some of the trendiness of her contemporary sister. She's prim & proper with a little bit of an edge, like the fashions you find at J. Crew. Like her conservative sister, she favors more traditional silhouettes, but she steps out of the box and experiments with vibrant colors, playful prints and bold accessories. 


Classic by everydayrunway featuring J. Crew

Finally, the wild child of the style trifecta, Contemporary. With the contemporary woman, pretty much anything goes. She is not afraid to express herself with her fashion. Think Blake Lively meets Rhianna and everything in between. If she dabbles in the trends of her other style sisters, she does it in an unexpected way. Instead of a traditional black suit jacket, she may opt for a leather blazer. Nothing is off limits, she is bold, sexy and loves to be seen. If I had to pigeon hole her into a store, it would be ASOS because her style meter is off the charts! 


Contemporary by everydayrunway featuring ASOS

Now that you know the "3 C's of Style", What's your BlogHer Style? No matter what you decide to wear, embrace it and rock it with confidence. Like super model Iman says, "Your life is an occasion, rise to it." 

See you on the front row-

<3 Parker S. 


  1. I'm not sure what category maxi dresses would fall into. Maxi dresses with sandals and big chunky jewelry. Last year I wore wedges in NY and I was hobbling by the end of the day. This year I am going for comfort with sandals. Don't laugh too hard, but the Crocs Sexi Sandals are very comfortable for me.

  2. Hey Rose! A maxi could actually be all 3 depending on the material and the styling. If you styled it with sandals and chunky jewelry, I would classify it as contemporary. As far as shoes, I am all about comfort 75% of the time. Sometimes I do make the sacrifice for style, but mostly I like to keep my feet happy. If Crocs are what make your feet happy, more power to you! I will be rocking my super comfy Joan Boyce for HSN folding loafers at the conference. They are cute and comfy which is a win/win. I hope to meet you there and thanks for commenting!

    xo Parker :)