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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tweet & Eat

Are you looking for a great place to host an amazing event?? Look no further than Shula's 347 Grill! This hidden gem is located across the street from Lenox Mall inside of the Buckhead Marriott, and was the perfect setting for a recent BFF Tweet & Eat I attended. Of course, I arrived extra early, so I decided to take a quiet moment to myself and enjoy what Shula's is known for, a steak of course!

I decided on a medium rare, Cowboy Ribeye w/ baked potato & French cut green beans. When I tell you, this was the best steak I have every had in LIFE, I am not exaggerating. Real steak lovers know that if the steak is prepared well, you shouldn't need any sauce. This cut of beef was perfection! I washed it all down with an amazing cocktail, and soaked up the tunes that the jazz band opposite me was playing.

As the evening progressed, the BFF's took over the main dining room at Shula's. We enjoyed amazing complimentary hors d'oeuvres and cocktail specials. The staff at Shula's was very attentive and was able to adequately manage our large group of ladies. Because this was a Tweet & Eat, we mingled with out current BFF's and welcomed some new ladies into the group. We also had PR Maven Tori Allen on hand to introduce us to some FAB natural hair products with give-a-ways!

The evening was absolutely amazing. As always I am so proud to see black women interacting with the best of intentions. No drama, no hating, just supporting one another and having a great time. We truly are BFF's in every sense of the word! For more information about the Blog Fab Fashionista's visit our website and to host an event at Shula's visit Until next time, "Be Bold, Be Unique and Be Yourself, but most of all, Make The World Your Personal Runway."


Parker S.


  1. Hi Parker,

    You look great, love that houndstooth top! I nominated you for a "Liebster Award", please check the link to my blog for more information on the subject:


  2. We had soooo much fun & the food was on point!!!!! Great recap BFF!!!!!