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Thursday, November 21, 2013


For the past few months I have been following the Honor My Curves Movement on Instagram. In a nutshell it's a body acceptance movement that encourages women to embrace their bodies and love themselves as they are. I have seen all of the posts and pictures but the gravity of what #HonorMyCurves really means didn't hit me until today.

While getting dressed this morning, I had an epiphany. I tried on outfit after outfit and just didn't feel satisfied because everything seemed to accentuate my stubborn LHF (low hanging fat). I found myself thinking that if I could just get rid of that one thing, everything would be perfect. But the reality is that everything wouldn't be perfect. I would just find some other "flaw" to obsess over and complain about. What is perfect anyway?

As full figured women I feel that we are always on a quest to achieve the societal ideals of beauty and perfection. We see all of the positive reinforcement our svelte counterparts receive by way of praise and accolades, and we somehow feel that we are less appealing because of our size. However, the one thing that we fail to realize is that the very "imperfection" that we want to fix is the thing that makes us perfect.

We are designed to be vessels filled with beauty and life and to spread that to others. No matter what size you are, how old you are, how tall or short, you have to embrace what makes you uniquely you. No one is perfect. Even the most world renowned super models and the best athletes are critical of themselves, and they, are considered to be the pinnacle of perfection.

So today, I choose me. I choose to Honor My Curves, low hanging fat and all!  I'm not saying I don't want to be healthier and in that quest my body won't change, but I will no longer beat myself up. From this day on I will truly embrace me and all of my perfect imperfections.

You are the only person that can be you! If you don't love yourself, no one else will. How do you plan to honor your curves?


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