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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Turning Leaf Refresh

Last summer, Turning Leaf Vineyards released a new take on wine in the product Turning Leaf Refresh. Available in 4 different blends, Turning Leaf Refresh was created to be... refreshing. To create this "refreshing" experience each one of the wines has a signature "fizz" that offers a lighter more appealing flavor profile.

I had the pleasure of sampling all 4 of the Refresh wines this summer while attending BlogHer in Chicago. After walking around the expo hall all day, trying out the wine was the perfect way to end the day. Although I'm usually not a red wine drinker, the Red Moscato was actually one of my favorites. Each one of the Turning Leaf Refresh wines are really delicious. I also love the fact that these wines can be served over ice, as a matter of fact they recommend it.

Now don't go all wine snob on me like I'm telling you to drink it out of a red, plastic Solo cup. The Refresh wines over ice taste like you're enjoying a fun cocktail. At around $8 at bottle, these wines are like stealing a little bit of goodness. Enjoy it with your favorite fruit or add it as the base to a speciality cocktail and you have a guaranteed winner!

Whether your adventurous enough to try #WineOverIce or just need to unwind with a glass after a long day, allow yourself a little #TLT... Turning Leaf Time!

See you on the front row-

<3 Parker S.

PR Maven Kelly Ip & Moi having a blast at the Turning Leaf booth #BlogHer13

(Special thanks to Kelly Ip of Hunter PR for sending me out some delicious bottles of Turning Leaf to enjoy.)

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