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Monday, November 26, 2012

Makeup Monday: Beauty Revealed

Saturday I had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with one of my favorite makeup artists, Shalawn Willis, The Beauty Architect. For those of you who aren't in the know, Shalawn is arguably one the best celebrity make up artists in Atlanta and a consultant for Lamik Cosmetics. I met Shalawn about 3 years ago when she delivered her mobile glam services to my suite at the St. Regis before an event I was attending. Because she is so amazing I try to support her whenever I can. Therefore when I received an email from Lamik about a "How to Wear Red Lips" at Macy's, I knew I had to be there.

When I arrived at the Lamik Cosmetics counter at Macy's Greenbriar Mall, I saw the The Beauty Architect in action very intently transforming and defining a customer's brows. There is nothing I love more than watching makeup being applied because it educates me on my technique and helps me to look photo shoot ready, when I can't afford to pay a makeup artist. As I waited for Shalawn to finish her client, I decided to get a refresher course on Lamik. 

Shalawn Willis in action. 

Lamik is self defined as:

Lamik Cosmetics are all natural and contain vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial for all skin tones. From facial care, to the actual makeup and everything in between, Lamik believes that "Beauty is revealed, not applied". I really love that mantra, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with enhancing your beauty. After getting my refresher course, it was my turn to jump in the hot seat. 

During this holiday season I will be attending various events, so Shalawn decided to try out a #HauteHoliday look on me. Because I was a blank canvas when I arrived, we started with the Full Coverage Foundation, which is great for covering any blemishes or dark spots,  and Mineral Powder, when applied with a Kabuki brush acts as a finishing powder giving your face a flawless look. After that, it was on to the brows. Thankfully, I have naturally full brows, but the Celebrity Brow Kit, took them to the next level. Shalawn made sure to emphasize not to go overboard with the Purdy Brow Define Powder, only fill in the areas that are lacking. She also highlighted under my brows with the Brightening Cream using the Lamik Brow Brush. 

After finishing my brows, she went on to create a subtle smokey eye using the Dazzle Black Eye Decor and Lamik Eyeliner in Black. Up next was the universally flattering Contour Blush. I don't remember the exact shade she used, but I think it was I-20. Finally, the coup de grĂ¢ce was my red lips!! To create the bold look, Shalawn used the Really Red Lipstick, which alone has a matte finish, coupled with the Cajun Red Healthy Lip Gloss which gave it shimmery shine. 

My Lamik Look

When I finally took a peek at myself, I was completely blown away. I looked effortlessly chic and not overly made up. My beauty truly was revealed and I instantly remembered why I fell in love with Lamik Cosmetics. To reveal your inner beauty, visit

"Make the world your personal runway!"


Parker S. 

Me & Shalawn

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