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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fat Fabb

How's it going? I feel like it's been forever since I have checked in with you guys. I'm sorry for my absence, but I am just back from an amazing trip. Last week I took a quick little jump to LA for  Lucky Magazine's fashion & beauty bloggers conference Lucky Fabb! I have been invited to attend a couple of times, but never have been able to make the trip. Thankfully this time I was able to attend.

View from the top over LA

The event was hosted at the fabulous SLS Beverly Hills hotel, which is another blog post in itself. Top bloggers from all over the country were in attendance and I have to honestly say I was a little nervous about attending. Normally I am super confident in myself and my size, but the idea of attending an event hosted by a magazine that primarily celebrates straight sized fashion and would be filled with straight sized women left me a little on edge. 

It's funny how those old insecurities that I quelled back in grade school just bubbled back up to the surface. I know that my style is received warmly by my fellow girls with curves, but how would it be received by my straight sized style sisters? After about a 30 minute self pep talk while I was getting dressed that first day, I reclaimed my briefly fleeting confidence and realized that the only thing that mattered was how I felt.

With my head held high and my best accessory in place (my smile), I walked out of the doors of the SLS and joined the line of ladies waiting to enter the doors of the conference. I was truly taken aback as to how well both me and my style were received. I guess style recognizes style, no matter what package it comes in. I had such an amazing time the entire weekend getting to know fellow bloggers and interacting with some amazing brands. 

Chatting with Fellow southern girl Brooklyn from Alabama

By forcing myself out of the comfort of the plus sized community, I was able to realize that my style has the ability to inspire all types of women. I also realized that most women, whether straight or plus sized,  are all plagued by some type of insecurity. We all get nervous like it's the first day at a new school and in some way seek the approval of our counterparts. 

At the end of the day, you can only be yourself. The only person that you need to worry about impressing is you. People are entitled to have their own opinions about you whether positive or negative. You won't please everyone, and that's ok. You just have to know that you are enough and that no matter what, if you believe in yourself, your confidence will shine through. 

Below are some of the highlights from the conference. Over the next few days, I will give you a more detailed look at my ensembles as well as some of the brands I fell in love with. 

See you on the front row!

Parker S. <3

Eva Chen having a chat with the always fab Nicole Richie

Proctor & Gamble Beauty hooked me up with some amazing swag!!

Hanging out with the Miss Me Jeans Crew

Had a blast catching up with hometown blogger Talking With Tami

Kate O'Regan (center) stunned in Kate Spade and was flanked by a fab crew in sky blue!

I dubbed Author & Blogger Flannery Good Layers of Flavor for all of her #fab necklaces!

Grabbing a quick #selfie with Lucky Magazine's Editor in Chief Eva Chen


  1. Thanks for including me! Girl Power! Had a blast and hanging out with you!

  2. What color and brand blush are you wearing please? And kudos on representing!

    1. Just Me, the blush I wear is acutally a combination of 2 Armani Cosmetics Fluid Sheer in numbers 6 & 9. The 6 is sort of a coral color and the number nine is pink.

    2. and in which order? coral first i imagine?