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Sunday, June 23, 2013

#FFFWeek Day 1: Crazy for Cayetano Legacy

Hey Guys! If you have been following me on social media, I'm sure you know that I was in NYC last wee covering Full Figure Fashion Week. I'm sorry for taking so long to get a post up, but I have been a very busy girl. The first day I arrived I had an amazing treat. Jessica D'Andraia, the NYC Sales Rep for Cayetano Legacy took time out of her busy schedule to come to my hotel and give me a special viewing of the collection.

Me & Jessica D'Andraia of Cayetano Legacy

All I can say is WOW!!! I was introduced to Cayetano Legacy last year while attending the Chic Boutique Tour . They were having a trunk show at Bouchic Boutique  and I had the honor of meeting one of the founders of the company, Karen Cayetano Leano. Little did I know, that a year later, that chance meeting would blossom into a budding friendship.

Karen Cayetano Leano last year at Bouchic Atlanta

One of the things l love about Cayetano Legacy is that the company is run by 3 sisters. Scattered across the US, Karen, Gail & Christine are First Generation Filipino Americans who saw the need to create unique accessories with materials sourced from their native Philippines. Exclusively using female artisans, this amazing company not only empowers the women who create these amazing pieces, but the women who wear them, too. Whenever you wear a piece of Cayetano Legacy, you are cloaked in a piece of understated luxury that is both captivating and awe inspiring.

The Cayetano Sisters

My visit with Jessica was by far one of the highlight's of the week. Her love for Cayetano Legacy and her desire to empower women speaks volumes of her character and to the company she represents. What was supposed to be a short preview turned into a few hours of great conversation. I think we solved all of the worlds problems and I made a new friend ;-).

I had so much fun playing dress up and can't wait to share the pieces with you that I scored on her visit. Those of you who follow me on social media were able to see some of the pieces and also make some purchases. But, if this is your first time visiting, I hope you enjoy the photos below. I encourage all of you to visit to experience the pieces for yourself. Until next time...

"Make the world your personal runway!"

<3 Parker S.

Last year at Bouchic Atlanta in Cayetano Legacy

Last Year in Cayetano Legacy

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