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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Two-Way Tuesday: Inspired Style

A couple of months ago, I met a fabulous fashion blogger that goes by the name of Curvie Birdie. We met at Swapnista Day and bonded over our love of budget fashion. Birdie fell in love with  a coral and white striped body-con dress I was wearing from Target.  The dress was actually apart of the Xhilaration juniors line. Now obviously, there is nothing junior sized about me, but I have found that some pieces do work for us curvy fashionistas. I try it on and if it fits, great! If it doesn't, on to the next.

With that thought in mind, Birdie decided to take my advice and experiment with different sizes. While attending Curls Night Out at #SBOC2012, she came up to me wearing the coral and white dress! She looked so amazing and I was so excited to have been her style inspiration that I had to feature her on Two-Way Tuesday! Check out her blog, Curvie Birdie and follow her on twitter @curviebirdie!


<3 Parker S.

Me @ Swapnista Day

Curvie Birdie @ Curls Night Out #sboc2012

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  1. Love the post!!! You were my inspiration for this. Love the blog!!!